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          Lexington Christian Academy is an independent, college preparatory, day and boarding school for students entering grades 6 - 12, located in beautiful and historic Lexington, Massachusetts.

          Family is still family far apart, and LCA is still LCA from home.

          Watch the video below to learn more
          about what LCA looks like in this season!



          When LCA moved to remote learning, a theme emerged –continuity in our community, culture, and curriculum. It has become our focus to keep the spirit of LCA strong, regardless of the circumstance. 



          The LCAx Summer Academy brings remote learning to a whole new level. Our interactive courses are designed to sharpen students’ academic skills, engage their creativity, and build healthy remote learning habits. Summer Academy will set every student up for success in their next step, whatever that may be!

          • Sharpen content knowledge – be fully prepared & ready to thrive in the Fall.
          • Learn how to learn online – build healthy habits for remote learning

          Welcome to the Crew! 

          If you're newly enrolled at LCA, click the button below to learn more about the enrollment process.
          You'll find everything you need! 

          NEW FAMILIES

          Join us at LCA Connect on Friday!

          Whether you're meeting us for the first time, or you're ready to apply, we've created a space for you to connect with the LCA community to get to know a little bit more about us and your future friends & family.
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          At Lexington Christian Academy, we believe a great education is one that
          cultivates the whole person – Heart, Mind, Body, and Soul. 

          We know there are no one-dimensional students, so we maintain  a program
          specifically aimed at developing well-rounded, multi-dimensional people
          because that is how God has made them.  


          - PARENT TESTIMONY -

          "I just wanted to send along another thank
          you for the amazing work you all are doing.
          And a special thank you for your leadership
          in it. Recently Trey said,

          'The thing about LCA is I feel like
          whenever I want to try something new,
          there's room for it in school. I don't have
          to do all my creative stuff outside of school.'

          That is such an incredible win for you guys. You can be so proud of that. I think 'there's room for me' goes beyond just options of special classes. It's an indicator of so many factors, not the least of which is Claudine's awesome work with the Students of Color Group and the Calvin Vital Worship Grant you earned.

          Here is a video of Trey drumming with Caleb McCoy during his virtual drumming class. What an affirming experience(s) that has been. LCA is truly living up to the aspiration of gaining wisdom in considering '...how the old and the new interact with each other,' as it says." - Terri, Parent of LCA Junior 





          Student / Teacher Ratio



          College Acceptance Rate


          Alumni Worldwide


          Hometowns Represented


          students live on campus


          student body receives financial aid


          Out of nearly 900 schools accredited by ACSI, LCA is among the 2% with exemplary school status. 


          Ethnic Diversity self-reported

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